Treat yourself to the best in painting!

Painting a building, whether residential, commercial or industrial, requires special care and attention to detail. The painter must know the painting techniques, but must also choose the best products and materials to obtain a good result. That’s why it’s often better to contact a specialist in building painting.

A professional painter has the ability to give a place a whole new look. Peintech Maintenance offers complete interior and exterior painting services.

Here is an overview of the contractor’s service offering:

  • Repair of drywall joints and plaster
  • Interior and exterior painting

With experience in both residential and commercial painting, Peintech Maintenance is able to intervene on various types of projects.

Here are some examples:

  • Cornice paint
  • Stairwell painting
  • Interior painting (all rooms)
  • Cathedral ceiling painting
  • Painting of commercial spaces
  • Etc.

Thinking of doing some painting? Contact one of the Peintech Maintenance team members for more information on their services.

Interior painting service - Residential

Indoor residential

Regardless of its use, paint requires special attention. This is why Peintech Maintenance offers a wide range of services allowing your interiors to benefit from their recognized professional experience.

Exterior painting service - Residential

Outdoor residential

Need to repaint an exterior surface? Take advantage of the services and experience of our team of professional painters to give a new shine to your exterior.

Service de peinture - Commercial et industriel

Commercial / Industrial

We specialize in commercial and industrial painting for interior and exterior projects. Our quality techniques and products guarantee a durable and aesthetic finish.

Joint / Réparation plâtre

Drywall repair finishing / plaster

A drywall joint repair? A plaster repair? Don’t wait any longer and take advantage of the quality of the professional services offered. The team of professional painters will carry out your projects with all the experience they have.


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